Ready to Start a Blog?

If you are a lover of writing, then blogging is the hobby for you. Curating a blog is ideal for people and companies who want to provide an additional outlet for your business. So, where do you start? The prerequisite for starting a blog is to want to engage in dialogue with your customers (Li … Continue reading Ready to Start a Blog?


Political Brands in Social Media

Since the 2008 Presidential Election, my involvement in the politics has grown exponentially. Through the multiple volunteer positions I held and increased awareness of the political world, I saw how marketing influenced decisions and sometimes, the path for many elected officials. In today’s politics, the word politician is synonymous with ‘brand’. Stanley Hainsworth from Huffington … Continue reading Political Brands in Social Media

Comcast Customer Service in the Mobile Era

Comcast Corporation is the largest telecommunications provider in the US. Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA., Comcast continues to dominate the media landscape with its many acquisitions in digital media and a large merger with NBCUniversal in March 2013. However, scandals continued to plague the company through its notorious customer service department as summed up by the … Continue reading Comcast Customer Service in the Mobile Era