Comcast Customer Service in the Mobile Era

Comcast Corporation is the largest telecommunications provider in the US. Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA., Comcast continues to dominate the media landscape with its many acquisitions in digital media and a large merger with NBCUniversal in March 2013. However, scandals continued to plague the company through its notorious customer service department as summed up by the infamous viral 2014 customer service call that was recorded.  ICYMI

The company has had many lessons to learn how to improve customer service for their technology-dependent consumers. In 2015, Comcast made a significant investment in expanding their Comcast Digital Care Team by tripling its social media staff and adopting policies to be more responsive to customers online. With a team of agents combing to through social media posts, the company has a better understanding of each complaint and determining how best to resolve their issues. Bill Gerth, Director of Customer Service Strategy & Operations at Comcast, stated the “use of social for customer service is growing. When we first started this initiative, most of the mentions on social were escalation cases, from customers giving us one last chance to make things right. Now, escalations have decreased, and the majority of the customers are using social channels as a method to reach out to us for the first time”. The combination of smart digital software and an ever expanding team of engagement specialists has allowed Comcast to begin rehabilitating their image when it comes to customer care. Here are two examples:

Comcast created the @ComcastCares Twitter page to assist subscribers with help or technical support 24/7. The page dedicates agents to respond to questions or updating customers on outage conditions.

Through their mobile application, ‘Xfinity My Account,’ subscribers can check account information, service status, call center locations, and most recently, check on a Tech’s ETA. The company promises “No more calling in to confirm that we’ll be there or guessing when your tech is on their way – Tech ETA will tell you when they are “en route” and have arrived at your home. You can even see the tech’s name and photo, so you know exactly who to expect at your door”.

Comcast App
Pic from

These are valiant efforts by the media giant showing its dedication to improving customer service. The tactics are working since the company reported their largest first-quarter subscription TV gains in nine years. According to a 2016 American Customer Satisfaction Index survey, Comcast is no longer the most hated telecommunications provider. Now, that is what I call progress!

3 thoughts on “Comcast Customer Service in the Mobile Era

  1. This is a great post and really looks at how businesses have developed plans to utilize social media to increase their customer relations. Comcast has a horrible reputation for its customer service department, but in taking steps to increase their social media staff to better serve customers over digital channels, they have increased their ability to satisfy the needs of consumers. Not only does this give them an additional way to communicate but it also allows them to have their “ear to the ground” to hear what consumers are saying about the brand and to try and alleviate any negative publicity prior to it becoming a scandal. Great post!

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  2. I agree that these are valiant efforts from an industry giant with lots of room for improvement and the technology funding to make significant strides. Luckily for them, leadership had enough foresight to invest in social media resources, use social listening, and move the needle from being a complaint department to a solutions department. Large service corporations (looking at you, United) could take a page from this playbook.

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  3. Hi Charles,
    I enjoyed reading your post and the wake up call that Comcast had after the 2104 incident.When I lived in Atlanta Comcast was my digital provider for TV and Internet. I must have missed the above event as I relocated to another house and had another provider. Being proactive today in the media, and social media world is way better than having to be reactive as they did to that situation. Sure they got there in the end, but look at the angst during the journey. It is good you use live examples and screen shots to demonstrate your points. Sites like twitter use immediate technology and in today’s society people expect immediate response. Good post.

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